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Hasshi solo comm opening! [11 May 2010|11:03pm]

Hello everyone! Me (luma_chan ) and hydeist_wannabe decided how there simply is not enough love for Hasshi, or at least a place where we could spread it enough, so we created a new community just for our little angel!

angel_hasshi angel_hasshi angel_hasshi

I mean let's face it, Hasshi changes groups a LOT! From J.J.Express to TOP3 and then to A.B.C-Z, and in the middle random solo appearances and appearing together with other juniors. So it's really difficult trying to keep track with all those activities in one places, mainly so because the communities are about the groups, so posting about one member's actitivies in a different group would feel kinda weird... (Especially since a lot of the fans in the A.B.C-Z fandom are still not exactly approving of Hasshi... T.T)

This is not a daily community, but simply a community for anything and everything about Hasshi! Scans, downloads, translations, fics... anything is much appreciated! So please come join the love for Hasshi with us ^_^

As a grand opening special, we mods are running a special treat for the rest of the month! Every day one of us will be contributing something special for the community up for grabs! Of course we will continue sharing as much as possible from that on too, but maybe not spamming on daily basis! (...One example of what we might be sharing is my 400~500 official & papa photos of Hasshi that are waiting to be scanned XD)

So all Hasshi lovers come and join us! =D

PS. If you think the comm name is silly, blame Hasshi for having such a long name we can't fit it for a comm name!! XD; It took us forever to come up with a name!
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[Fic] Wacky Fairyles - Chapter 03 [27 Apr 2010|01:04pm]

I haven't updated this fic in a looooong time but since I was requested to do so I started writing it again ^_^

Title: Wacky Fairytales
Author: luma_chan
Chapter: 03
Fandom: A.B.C-Z & Kis-My-Ft2
Pairings: several pairings (especially including Hasshi but also other EbiKisu)
Rating: PG-13/R so far...
Genre: Humor, Smut
Warnings: Kissing, hinting... (heavy abuse of classic fairytales! XD;)
Story: Someone sends a weird book to Hasshi and when he starts reading it, he gets sucked into the stories that aren't really your ordinary fairytales and not exactly for kids. The characters in the book seem pretty familiar for some reason...

Chapter 01: Never in Neverland (Fujigaya x Hasshi, Kitayama x Hasshi)
Chapter 02: Photographers and Models (Kitayama x Hasshi, Yokoo x Hasshi)

Chapter 03: Playing by my rules (Kitayama x Hasshi)
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random Hasshi/Kanna [24 Jan 2010|09:12pm]

Title: Baby Don't Cry
Pairing: Hasshi/Kanna, mild Tottsu/Hasshi
Rating: G or PG?
Summary: Random high school AU angst in which Hasshi is the rich and popular kid. /lame summary
Note: ZOMG het. This is a first |DD And the title is a rip-off from an Amuro Namie song |D;
Wordcount: 444

"I don't want to go out with you anymore." )
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[SC] 20080601 SanaZawa + Hasshi - Hanasanaide Ai [17 Jan 2010|07:05pm]


I subbed the performance of Hashimoto, Sanada and Nozawa (pre-TOP3) singing Hanasanaide Ai - HERE
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Hasshi For Sale [02 Dec 2009|02:56pm]


( H E R E )
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Dream Boys 2009 [02 Oct 2009|11:43pm]

Photo set scans. Hasshi had two sets as a member of A.B.C-Z, Sanada and Nozawa each got one.

All scans are 300dpi. Preview:

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Fic: There's Nothing After "Z" [02 Oct 2009|04:49am]

Title: There's Nothing After "Z"
Fandom: JE [TOP3]
Pairings: TOP3 (and all variations thereof), implied Kawai/Tottsu
Rating: PG(-13?)
Warnings: Ebikisu are not your fluffy loving senpai. Repitition of the phrase 'our/their KY Hasshi', JE boys being naughty.
Summary: When Hasshi first joins Ebikisu, Kisu takes to bullying him. Nozawa refuses to accept this.
Notes: ...second time writing TOP3, first time it isn't a 100-word drabble. This was mostly experimental and it kept writing itself, it should be 2000 words shorter. :Db

It's nice to see Hasshi smiling again. But because Hasshi starts to fit in, he's hardly around. So Sanada and Nozawa actually don't see him smiling again.
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3x fic :D (two old, one new) [22 Sep 2009|04:36pm]

4 times Sanada used picked-up lines on Nozawa + 1 time it worked
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: PG for lots of failbad innuendo. ♥
Summary: for the sanazawa-thon!

5 Times Sanzawa had shower!sex + 1 time Hasshi joined in
Pairing: Sanazawa; Hasshi cameo
Rating: R for the blazing obvious. ♥
Summary: also for the sanazawa-thon!

Zero3 is still Zero
Pairing: Hasshi; Sanazawa, Kamei cameo
Rating: PG
Summary: Loveless AU
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JE Stuff for SALE [28 Aug 2009|11:28am]


Hi there! I’m currently selling some of my Johnny’s collection. Here are some of the items I have...

DiscographyCollapse )

Butais and Concert GoodsCollapse )

Books & PhotobooksCollapse )

Johnny's Family ClubCollapse )

MiscCollapse )


Feel free to check out my journal and multiply account for more JE stuff. Thank you!=)

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Selling Hasshi PAPAs [26 Aug 2009|02:19pm]

buy HERE @ Nickerz21


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Love Sanada and Nozawa? [27 Jul 2009|11:16am]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello! I just wanted to share with you the two new TFL approved fanlistings that I created! The layouts didn't turn out as I wanted 'cause I run out of time, but I still hope many of you join!


Click on the names to get to the site ^^
If you want to donate any linking codes, just contact me!
Thanks for sharing the love ~<3
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sanazawa needs moar smut [27 Jul 2009|07:20pm]


Title: Warmth on a Rainy Day
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: *~R/NC-17~* More like R though.
Summary: A randomly wet Nozawa shows up at Sanada's doorstep one rainy day. Rainy day smutfic. |D;
smut (not that you guys stay away from that stuff |D), OOC-ness

We might as well get wetter in the rain~ )
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Fic "I Want You Dirty, Like in my Dreams" - chapter 01 [09 Jul 2009|12:41pm]

I've had this on my comp for some months so decided to make it 2-chap fic instead of long one-shot so posting the first chappie now :3 In short, Hasshi gets drunk and almost taken advantage of by a stranger, but Takaki saves him. But Takaki then has to deal with a drunk and very forward Hasshi... XD (Since I started this during Gokusen flailing mood, there's a little Akito and Junta there too X3)

Title: I Want You Dirty, Like in my Dreams
Chapter: 01
Author: luma_chan
Fandom: Hey!Say!JUMP & A.B.C-Z
Pairings: Takaki Yuya x Hashimoto Ryosuke
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/Smut?
Warnings: Sex (kinda, since only bj for the first chapter...)
Story: A strange guy gets Hasshi drunk to take advantage of him, but luckily it’s prince Takaki to the rescue! However seems that a drunk Hasshi will prove to cause a few more complications than what Takaki had thought…

Chapter 01
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I kind of need a life. [24 Jun 2009|10:04pm]

Title: 4 Times Nozawa kissed Sanada while Sanada was sleeping + 1 time Sanada woke up
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Cheese
Summary: Title. For the Sanazawa-thon |DD

Read more... )
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translations of some articles [10 Jun 2009|06:48am]

some translations we did for the 3 boys


(potato may 09)

(potato april 09)

(wink up may 09 (from mis snow man article))

hasshi with a.b.c-z

(popolo july 09)

(wink up may 09)
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Sanada Yuma papa pics [08 Jun 2009|10:52pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Scanned in some Sanada papa pics I got today. Enjoy!

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[fic] 4 Times Sanada said Truth + 1 Time he said Dare [01 Jan 2003|01:21am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Title: 4 Times Sanada said Truth + 1 Time he said Dare
Pairing: Sanazawa / Sanada/Kishi
Rating: nc-17 for the last part??
Summary: Mis Snow Man play Truth or Dare

[Author's note: My first ever Mis Snow Man fic D; it's crapppy. sorry for my bad grammar and spelling]

onto the fail D;Collapse )

4 ☆ ~ *wink* | Eh?

[fic] 5 times Sanada had a cute bubbly girlfriend + 1 time he didn't (1/1) [05 Jun 2009|10:16pm]

Title: 5 times Sanada had a cute bubbly girlfriend + 1 time he didn't
Fandom: JE
Author: chiharu
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: PG?
wordcount: ~1300
Summary: Sanada has wandering eyes.

For the sanazawa thon~

(She’s cute and small with pink lips and fluttery eyes. She bows, crispy dark hair framing her childish yet pretty face the right way. Her laugh has a pleasant ring to it, bringing an instant smile to Sanada’s face as they fight playfully over her cell phone.
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Nisshin CM [04 Jun 2009|12:50am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

For those who want to watch Tackey, Sana-chan, Nozawa, Tottsu and Hasshi's new CM, you can watch them here on the official site.

stephichan1 also ripped the CMs and you can download them here.

Thank and credit her. =)

Juniors dressed waiters, and looking hot.

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My First Graphics Post:) [04 Jun 2009|11:21am]

Okay, so here's my first graphics post.

I can say that I'm not good when it come to graphics but right now I'm having my graphics tutorial.
So here, I made some icons of Johnny's Juniors including TOP 3.

Actually, more of my icons came from the old episodes of Shokura.

# of Icons: 64/64
[64] ~Johnny's Juniors (Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C.-Z, Question?, Yamashita Shoon, Sanada Yuma, and Nozawa Yuki)


more from here
(Sail On, Jam On, Come On!!)
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