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TOP3 - Praise to the Glory of Love's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
TOP3 - Praise to the Glory of Love

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random Hasshi/Kanna [24 Jan 2010|09:12pm]

Title: Baby Don't Cry
Pairing: Hasshi/Kanna, mild Tottsu/Hasshi
Rating: G or PG?
Summary: Random high school AU angst in which Hasshi is the rich and popular kid. /lame summary
Note: ZOMG het. This is a first |DD And the title is a rip-off from an Amuro Namie song |D;
Wordcount: 444

"I don't want to go out with you anymore." )
~ *wink* | Eh?

[SC] 20080601 SanaZawa + Hasshi - Hanasanaide Ai [17 Jan 2010|07:05pm]


I subbed the performance of Hashimoto, Sanada and Nozawa (pre-TOP3) singing Hanasanaide Ai - HERE
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Hasshi For Sale [02 Dec 2009|02:56pm]


( H E R E )
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Dream Boys 2009 [02 Oct 2009|11:43pm]

Photo set scans. Hasshi had two sets as a member of A.B.C-Z, Sanada and Nozawa each got one.

All scans are 300dpi. Preview:

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Fic: There's Nothing After "Z" [02 Oct 2009|04:49am]

Title: There's Nothing After "Z"
Fandom: JE [TOP3]
Pairings: TOP3 (and all variations thereof), implied Kawai/Tottsu
Rating: PG(-13?)
Warnings: Ebikisu are not your fluffy loving senpai. Repitition of the phrase 'our/their KY Hasshi', JE boys being naughty.
Summary: When Hasshi first joins Ebikisu, Kisu takes to bullying him. Nozawa refuses to accept this.
Notes: ...second time writing TOP3, first time it isn't a 100-word drabble. This was mostly experimental and it kept writing itself, it should be 2000 words shorter. :Db

It's nice to see Hasshi smiling again. But because Hasshi starts to fit in, he's hardly around. So Sanada and Nozawa actually don't see him smiling again.
~ *wink* | Eh?

3x fic :D (two old, one new) [22 Sep 2009|04:36pm]

4 times Sanada used picked-up lines on Nozawa + 1 time it worked
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: PG for lots of failbad innuendo. ♥
Summary: for the sanazawa-thon!

5 Times Sanzawa had shower!sex + 1 time Hasshi joined in
Pairing: Sanazawa; Hasshi cameo
Rating: R for the blazing obvious. ♥
Summary: also for the sanazawa-thon!

Zero3 is still Zero
Pairing: Hasshi; Sanazawa, Kamei cameo
Rating: PG
Summary: Loveless AU
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JE Stuff for SALE [28 Aug 2009|11:28am]


Hi there! I’m currently selling some of my Johnny’s collection. Here are some of the items I have...

DiscographyCollapse )

Butais and Concert GoodsCollapse )

Books & PhotobooksCollapse )

Johnny's Family ClubCollapse )

MiscCollapse )


Feel free to check out my journal and multiply account for more JE stuff. Thank you!=)

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Selling Hasshi PAPAs [26 Aug 2009|02:19pm]

buy HERE @ Nickerz21


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Love Sanada and Nozawa? [27 Jul 2009|11:16am]

[ mood | okay ]

Hello! I just wanted to share with you the two new TFL approved fanlistings that I created! The layouts didn't turn out as I wanted 'cause I run out of time, but I still hope many of you join!


Click on the names to get to the site ^^
If you want to donate any linking codes, just contact me!
Thanks for sharing the love ~<3
~ *wink* | Eh?

sanazawa needs moar smut [27 Jul 2009|07:20pm]


Title: Warmth on a Rainy Day
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: *~R/NC-17~* More like R though.
Summary: A randomly wet Nozawa shows up at Sanada's doorstep one rainy day. Rainy day smutfic. |D;
smut (not that you guys stay away from that stuff |D), OOC-ness

We might as well get wetter in the rain~ )
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I kind of need a life. [24 Jun 2009|10:04pm]

Title: 4 Times Nozawa kissed Sanada while Sanada was sleeping + 1 time Sanada woke up
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, Cheese
Summary: Title. For the Sanazawa-thon |DD

Read more... )
~ *wink* | Eh?

translations of some articles [10 Jun 2009|06:48am]

some translations we did for the 3 boys


(potato may 09)

(potato april 09)

(wink up may 09 (from mis snow man article))

hasshi with a.b.c-z

(popolo july 09)

(wink up may 09)
1 ☆ ~ *wink* | Eh?

Sanada Yuma papa pics [08 Jun 2009|10:52pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Scanned in some Sanada papa pics I got today. Enjoy!

~ *wink* | Eh?

[fic] 4 Times Sanada said Truth + 1 Time he said Dare [01 Jan 2003|01:21am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Title: 4 Times Sanada said Truth + 1 Time he said Dare
Pairing: Sanazawa / Sanada/Kishi
Rating: nc-17 for the last part??
Summary: Mis Snow Man play Truth or Dare

[Author's note: My first ever Mis Snow Man fic D; it's crapppy. sorry for my bad grammar and spelling]

onto the fail D;Collapse )

3 ☆ ~ *wink* | Eh?

[fic] 5 times Sanada had a cute bubbly girlfriend + 1 time he didn't (1/1) [05 Jun 2009|10:16pm]

Title: 5 times Sanada had a cute bubbly girlfriend + 1 time he didn't
Fandom: JE
Author: chiharu
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: PG?
wordcount: ~1300
Summary: Sanada has wandering eyes.

For the sanazawa thon~

(She’s cute and small with pink lips and fluttery eyes. She bows, crispy dark hair framing her childish yet pretty face the right way. Her laugh has a pleasant ring to it, bringing an instant smile to Sanada’s face as they fight playfully over her cell phone.
~ *wink* | Eh?

Nisshin CM [04 Jun 2009|12:50am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

For those who want to watch Tackey, Sana-chan, Nozawa, Tottsu and Hasshi's new CM, you can watch them here on the official site.

stephichan1 also ripped the CMs and you can download them here.

Thank and credit her. =)

Juniors dressed waiters, and looking hot.

~ *wink* | Eh?

My First Graphics Post:) [04 Jun 2009|11:21am]

Okay, so here's my first graphics post.

I can say that I'm not good when it come to graphics but right now I'm having my graphics tutorial.
So here, I made some icons of Johnny's Juniors including TOP 3.

Actually, more of my icons came from the old episodes of Shokura.

# of Icons: 64/64
[64] ~Johnny's Juniors (Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C.-Z, Question?, Yamashita Shoon, Sanada Yuma, and Nozawa Yuki)


more from here
(Sail On, Jam On, Come On!!)
~ *wink* | Eh?

[fic] 5 Times Sanada Threatened Kishi + 1 Time Kishi threatened back [21 May 2009|01:02pm]


Title: 5 Times Sanada Threatened Kishi + 1 Time Kishi threatened back
Pairing: Sanazawa
Rating: G
Summary: Look at the title. For the Sanazawa-thon!

Here lies the fail. )
~ *wink* | Eh?

Sanazawa-thon [19 May 2009|11:39pm]

~ *wink* | Eh?

[fic]4 times Sanada listened to sappy love songs+ 1 time Nozawa sang one for him (1/1) [19 May 2009|11:35pm]

4 times Sanada listened to sappy love songs+ 1 time Nozawa sang one for him

(
~ *wink* | Eh?

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