jay (tottchupi) wrote in top_3,

Fic: There's Nothing After "Z"

Title: There's Nothing After "Z"
Fandom: JE [TOP3]
Pairings: TOP3 (and all variations thereof), implied Kawai/Tottsu
Rating: PG(-13?)
Warnings: Ebikisu are not your fluffy loving senpai. Repitition of the phrase 'our/their KY Hasshi', JE boys being naughty.
Summary: When Hasshi first joins Ebikisu, Kisu takes to bullying him. Nozawa refuses to accept this.
Notes: ...second time writing TOP3, first time it isn't a 100-word drabble. This was mostly experimental and it kept writing itself, it should be 2000 words shorter. :Db

It's nice to see Hasshi smiling again. But because Hasshi starts to fit in, he's hardly around. So Sanada and Nozawa actually don't see him smiling again.
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