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top_3's Journal

TOP3 - Praise to the Glory of Love
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Welcome to top_3, a community dedicated to the Johnny's Junior group TOP3. This community is currently inactive and new posts are disabled. You are free to check through the community for old posts if you feel like it, but for anything more recent about Hashimoto, Sanada and Nozawa, please check the current, active communities with their current groups. Hasshi is currently member of A.B.C-Z, so please check crazy_accel or his own community angel_hasshi. Sanada and Nozawa are currently members of Mis Snow Man, so please check mis_snow_man.


TOP3 consists of the juniors Hashimoto Ryosuke, Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki. The three of them started appearing together in the early Spring of 2008 after Kamei Taku (a fellow member of J.J.Express with Hashimoto before the debut of Hey!Say!JUMP broke up the group) was suspended from Johnny's, having broken the dating contract in Kinpachi sensei drama. Before this Hashimoto, Sanada and Kamei had been performing together, so Nazawa was taken to his place. Before this, Nozawa was a member of Jr.Boys (same group where Sanada had also been before).

All groups with the word "top" in them have always been only temporary groups/names (4Tops, TOP Kids, TOPS etc) but with how much attention this group is currently getting, I think they deserve a community on their own.

Q: What's with the "Praise to the Glory of Love" in the community name?
A: That text was in Sanada's shirt in the photos for SUMMARY 2008, the first time TOP3 name was used, and I happen to love that phrase XD


Genkai Meter


Hashimoto Ryosuke
橋本良亮 (はしもとりょうすけ)

Nickname: Hasshi
Birthday: 1993.7.15
Zodiac: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Birthplace: Chiba
Family: older sister

Blood type: B
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg

Respected Senior: Kinki Kids
Charming Point: Big eyes
Talent: Never get below 70 on tests, soccer
Weak Point: Eyesight, wears glasses at school
Disliked Food: Green peas
Favorite Color: Purple, Orange, White
Favorite Subject: none
Worst Subject: Math

Joined JE: September 8th 2004
Previous JE Unit: J.J.Express
Show: Hyakushiki (guest)

Sanada Yuma
真田佑馬 (さなだ ゆうま)

Birthday: 1992.11.21
Birthplace: Tokyo

Blood type: O
Height: 173cm
Weight: 54kg

Previous JE Unit: Jr.Boys
Drama: 水曜プレミア (2004), 1 Litre of Tears (2005), Kinpachi Sensei 8 (2007)
Show: Hyakushiki (currently regular)

Nozawa Yuki
野澤祐樹 (のざわ ゆうき)

Birthday: 1992.12.30
Birthplace: Kanagawa

Blood type: O
Height: 175cm
Weight: 52kg

Previous JE Unit: Jr.Boys
Movie: 親指さがし (2006)
Drama: Sensei wa Erai! (2008)
Show: Hyakushiki (guest)
CM: NTT東日本 フレッツ光 (2006)


- No bashing/flaming (includes fe all JE boys and other fans)
- Watch your language/typing/overall behaviour
- No trolling
- Use LJ-cut
- No spamming
- Tag your post
- Lock all posts that indlude any kind of downloads
- When posting fanfic etc, remember to rate the post accordingly
For more detailed rules, you can check the rule post for J.J.Express community (it's also my community, so the rules are the same) HERE.


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